Outstanding Rural Healthcare In Dardanelle, AR

At River Valley Medical Center, we believe that patients and caregivers work together to create a culture of quality care. We hold our staff to the highest standards, so that patients can rest assured that they're in good hands. We want you to feel that you have agency over your health, and on this page we enumerate your rights under our care. However, in order to ensure that we can provide the best care possible, we ask that you observe your responsibilities as a patient. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies below.

Patient Rights

River Valley Medical Center guarantees the following rights for each and every patient under our care:

  • To expect considerate care which respects his/her cultural, psychological, and spiritual values.
  • To formulate an advance medical directive and to refuse any treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal.
  • To every consideration of privacy concerning his/her medical care and treatment program, and the right to expect that all communications pertaining to such medical care and treatment programs will remain confidential.
  • To examine and receive an explanation of the hospital bill.
  • To be made aware of his/her rights and responsibilities.
  • To complain to the River Valley Medical Center hospital staff directly without fear of reprisal.
  • To receive information necessary to enable him/her to make informed treatment decisions in a language or manner he/she can understand, and to be informed of the outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes.
  • To expect reasonable safety regarding hospital practices and environment.
  • To pain assessment and pain management.
  • To available and medically necessary care and treatment regardless of medical condition, race, age, gender, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or ability to pay.
  • To appropriate education to enhance knowledge of his/her illness and treatment needs, and to learn skills and behaviors which will promote recovery and improve function.
  • To participate in the consideration of any ethical issues which may arise.
  • To receive information of any human experimentation or other research / education projects affecting his/her care or treatment.
  • To access protective services via the River Valley Medical Center staff in the event that guardianship, conservatorship, or other special services are needed.

Patient Responsibilities

In order to ensure the best quality care for everyone, we ask that each patient understand and exercise their responsibilities:

  • To provide, to the greatest extent possible, accurate and complete information about present complaints, medications, and any other matters concerning his/her present state of health.
  • To observe hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and comfort, and is also responsible for seeing that family members and other visitors observe these same rules and regulations.
  • To give consideration to the rights of other patients and hospital personnel, assisting with noise control, no smoking regulations, and the number of visitors allowed.
  • To provide insurance information and pay promptly for services rendered by the River Valley Medical Center.