Complete Radiology Services

No comprehensive care facility would be complete without a radiology department. With access to advanced medical imaging systems, our physicians will be able to more accurately diagnose internal issues, leading to more tailored treatment plans and a speedier and more complete recovery. Additionally, radiologists allow physicians to catch potentially serious diseases before they become more difficult to treat. We're proud to say that our trained radiologists operate with the same standards of hospitals many times our size, allowing River Valley Medical Center to provide outstanding levels of healthcare to Dardanelle, AR.

Advanced Medical Imaging

Advanced Medical Imaging

River Valley Medical Center Radiology/ Medical Imaging Department offers state-of –the art imaging technology. Our board-certified radiologists work in conjunction with your primary care physician to help diagnose and treat diseases and conditions.

Bone Density Testing 
Mindways Quantitative CT (QCT) is a fast, non-invasive technology that performs bone mineral density (BMD) exams of the lumbar spine and proximal femur, utilizing low dose scan protocols on a standard CT scanner.

Computed Tomography (CT or CAT Scan)
Toshiba Medical Systems is committed to the development of new technologies to minimize radiation dose while maintaining industry-leading image quality. These dose-reduction technologies and more are standard in the Aquilion RXL CT system.

Diagnostic X-rays 
X-Ray is one of the most common and widely available diagnostic tools. In many cases, your doctor will order an X-ray procedure first before requesting any advanced testing, such as CT, MRI or Nuclear Medicine test. River Valley Medical Center has just installed a new, digital Carestream/ Quantum System.

ECHO for short, is a simple and painless procedure that uses sound waves to take images of your heart. It can evaluate the structures of your heart as well as the direction of blood flow inside of it.

Ultrasound Imaging 
Ultrasound uses reflected sound waves to see the size, shape and real-time movement of organs and soft tissues.