Our Swing Beds Program Provide Interim Recovery Options

Releasing patients from hospital care after they are no longer acutely ill, but not quite ready to return to a permanent living arrangement is a pervasive problem in the healthcare industry. With the way reimbursement policies set by Medicare are structured, the costs of continual acute care can be prohibitive. Unfortunately, the premature release of a patient may stunt their ability to make a swift and full recovery. At River Valley Medical Center, we aim to alleviate this issue with our Swing Bed Program, which allows patients in a transitional phase of recovery from illness or injury to receive a level of support not normally available at home or a long term care facility.

Getting Started

If you or a loved one is hospitalized in another city and would like to be closer to home, we may be able to help! You can request an evaluation from our Swing Bed Admissions Coordinator by having the Discharge Planner of the hospital where you received treatment call us at River Valley Medical Center. Alternatively, you can call us directly with any questions you may have - we're here to serve you.

Medicare and co-insurance plans will cover most, if not all, of the cost of the Swing Bed program. Therefore, you will experience a more complete rehabilitation following your hospitalization and will return home ready to resume your normal routine faster.

Who Qualifies?

When a patient’s condition is no longer considered acute, they can be “swung” to a lower level of medical and nursing supervision. Before making this decision, our medical team first ascertains with full certainty that no further acute treatment is necessary, and that patients have adequate levels of potential to heal or rehabilitate. To qualify, the patient must have received three calendar days of acute care as a hospital inpatient prior to being admitted to Swing Bed. So long as patients have therapy or rehabilitation goals to meet, they may remain in our Swing Bed Program.

Patients who may make good use of Swing Beds include:

  • Those with diminished mobility after a hip or knee replacement surgery
  • Those who require strength training after prolonged hospitalization
  • Patients of I.V. antibiotic surgery
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation patients
  • Elderly Medicare patients who may find it strenuous to undergo transport to distant care facilities

What Are "Swing Beds?"

Our Swing Bed option is a sub-acute program for patients who are ready to be released from the hospital but need just that extra bit of care in a medical setting before they are ready to go home again. Patients remain in a hospital setting, where they are tended to and treated to specially prepared meals, expert nursing services, housekeeping and scheduled daily activities to speed their recovery.

  • Medical services include:
  • Physical therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Wound care
  • I.V. administration